Top five ways to make the most of your layover in Dubai

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If you’re flying internationally extensively, you’re bound to wind up with a layover in Dubai sooner or later… with over 83 million passengers a year passing through a year, a layover at Dubai International Airport is not a question of if, but when.   We know you’re not thrilled at the idea of a layover […]

How to Choose the Right Airline

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Nine times out of ten, if you were to randomly ask someone on an airplane why they chose that airline, its certain their response will be “It was the cheapest option” Yes its true, we are frugal spenders when it comes to the airlines. Here in the U.S the choices are fairly vast and competitive. […]

300 Words or Less: Washington D.C

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Washington D.C has always been associated with American politics as well as early American history. When you compare a city like Washington’s historic infamy to other world cities, D.C is still in its infancy. Not yet 300 years old, it has developed itself to share similar comparisons to those of Rome. Many of the buildings […]

Sequester Tower Closures Could Pose Aircraft Collision Threat

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Passengers in the U.S are already beginning to feel the sting of the budget sequesters. So far, security lines haven’t seen an increase in wait times, but they will. However for those coming into the U.S from abroad are feeling it. Custom lines are causing many of those passengers’ headaches and making many wonder is […]

How to Keep Your Child a Quiet, Happy Flyer

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Crying babies and out of control kids on an airplane can surely be a nightmare for some air travelers and the parents as well. As a father of a 3 year old and frequent traveler, I can assure those annoyed passengers that no one wants to get off of that plane more than a parent […]

Bird Strike incidents are up, How Airports are eliminating the Threat

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Fortunately, bird strike incidents such as the U.S Airways jet that struck a flock of Canadian geese and landed safely on the Hudson River are extremely rare and by far, a worst case scenario. However, bird strikes are not uncommon to passenger jets and most are fairly minor incidents. They are real threats and do […]

Our Favorite Spring Time Cities

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Spring might be running a little late for some of you but trust us, if you’re among the few trapped in what seems to be an eternal winter, its expiration date is quickly arriving and your misery will dissipate soon. Spring is the time of year when new life begins from scratch. It’s literally a […]

Travel Deals and What to Watch Out For

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As consumers, we see hundreds of travel deals advertised on a daily basis by many of our favorite travel websites or through Twitter and Facebook. However, there are some, not so legitimate entities out there fishing for your business. There are two pretty valid sayings out there one should always imprint into their memory when […]

The Business Class Seat Layout Guide

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It seems there are many different styles of business class seats. There are the fully lie flat seats, the partial reclining seats and complete suite type seats. The biggest gripe among passengers over the years has been aisle access. Generally, passengers don’t want to disturb their neighbors by climbing over them if then when nature […]

Pocket Knives, Golf clubs and Hockey Sticks… Oh My

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  Well, it looks as if our mighty TSA will once again begin to allow passengers to carry with them, small pocket knives, golf clubs and hockey sticks aboard aircraft. The decision comes 11 years after the reason they were banned in the first place, 9/11. Since then, people traveling through airports conformed to the […]

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