Top five ways to make the most of your layover in Dubai

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If you’re flying internationally extensively, you’re bound to wind up with a layover in Dubai sooner or later… with over 83 million passengers a year passing through a year, a layover at Dubai International Airport is not a question of if, but when.   We know you’re not thrilled at the idea of a layover […]

Why Charging Passengers by Weight Will Never Work

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Lately there has been trending news about an airline based out of the Samoan Islands who plan to charge passengers according to their individual weight. Sure, this sounds completely wrong on so many levels, or does it? Samoan Airlines operates a fleet of small turbo prop aircraft which have weight restrictions. In laymen terms, the […]

Hidden travel fees can add up quick – here is how to avoid them

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Whether it’s $25 to check you bag on an airplane or $200 for changing your flight reservation, travel fees have a way of sneaking up on you when you are traveling for business. This isn’t only costly, it becomes very annoying when you are trying to keep your business travel thrifty.   You would think […]

Business Travelers Could Benefit from Pricing Wars

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According to a new report business travelers could wind up benefiting from a potential price war between airlines flying from Europe to Asia.   BCD Travel’s research arm, Advito, made the prediction as part of its 2014 Industry Forecast which looks at the likely price changes for major travel components including flights, hotels, rail, car […]

Two Mega Online Travel Agencies Combine

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Last week two arch rivals in the travel industry came together to form an alliance. Although the deal isn’t quite a take over, it is a mutual merging of Expedia and the online travel agents.   The agreement reinforces the importance of becoming a marketplace rather than only a middleman. Travelocity is part of […]

GBTA Show Offers Great News for Business Travelers

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One of the many things discussed at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) show that was just recently held in San Diego this month was the focus on the new business class seats. The focus is on business class travel mainly because, with the economy recovering, companies and individuals are expected to spend over $1 […]

Bird Strike incidents are up, How Airports are eliminating the Threat

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Fortunately, bird strike incidents such as the U.S Airways jet that struck a flock of Canadian geese and landed safely on the Hudson River are extremely rare and by far, a worst case scenario. However, bird strikes are not uncommon to passenger jets and most are fairly minor incidents. They are real threats and do […]

How American Airlines / U.S Airways Merger Impacts Business Travelers

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As most of you are probably aware, American Airlines and U.S Airways finalized a deal to merge the two airlines. The new airline will be called American Airlines and will now hold the title of the world’s largest airline. Historically speaking, airline mergers of this magnitude have their hiccups and growing pains. It’s likely this […]

Airline VIP Lounge FAQ

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The airline VIP lounge got its start in the late 1930’s when then American Airlines chairmen, C.R Smith was looking for a unique way to thank his most loyal and frequent customers. The American Airlines Admirals club was born. Airline travel back then was very small and was seen as a luxury for the rich. […]

Tips for Winter Weather Stranded Flyers

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Those who fly a lot know the inconvenient perils that come with traveling during the winter seasons, especially in regions that are prone to severe winter weather. For example, Chicago receives and average snowfall of nearly 40 inches per year. That means heavy airline delays and occasional cancellations. If Chicago’s O’Hare Airport gets hammered by […]

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