Long Waits at Airports Taking their Toll

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  International passengers waiting to go through customs and immigration at Miami International Airport have found themselves waiting in lines that are so long that airport workers started handing out water to the tired travelers in an attempt to make their wait a little more bearable. The airport has also installed televisions to keep people […]

Travel for Beginners: Customs & Immigration

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For first-time travelers, the process of going through customs and immigration in a new country can seem daunting, but it is actually a very simple process in most places. For the vast majority of travelers, you will have absolutely no issues going through customs and immigration in almost any country, even those that require you […]

6 Tips on Being a Culture-Savvy Traveler

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Sometimes when traveling, the smallest things can stump us. Why people behave the way they do in foreign countries – eating habits, lifestyle choices, daily interactions – these can all be strange and sometimes frustrating encounters when you aren’t on your home turf. Being a culture-savvy traveler isn’t too difficult if you put in a […]