Make Business Travel Less Stressful

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I’m sure you can remember the time when the idea of traveling for work sounded like a paid vacation. A study by the University of Alabama shows that the stress of international business trips can reduce your job performance by up to 38%.   Researchers surveyed business travelers at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport, which […]

Long Waits at Airports Taking their Toll

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  International passengers waiting to go through customs and immigration at Miami International Airport have found themselves waiting in lines that are so long that airport workers started handing out water to the tired travelers in an attempt to make their wait a little more bearable. The airport has also installed televisions to keep people […]

Easyjet’s Inclusive Fare is Attracting Business Travelers

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Easyjet has announced its plan to capture more of the business travel market with the launch of a new “inclusive fare”, which the airline won’t be offering on its website.   The new fare will target business class passengers and travel bookers. It will be accessible through the GDSs and other booking systems connected directly […]

7 Outrageous Airport Layovers Worth Paying For

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Ugh… the dreaded layover. The very word conjures up images of long lines, crying babies and uncomfortable seats. And boredom. Giant, heaping piles of boredom. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The following ten airports have layovers some people (myself included) would actually consider paying for.   Dubai, UAE (Dubai International Airport) Why […]

The Best Hotels for Conferences in the United States

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Few industries do not hold conferences in this day and age. It’s the standard for all sorts of businesses and even hobbyists. Chances are, the frequent business traveler will end up being involved in more than one each year. When you’re also in charge of choosing which conferences to attend or are even involved in […]

Airlines Offer Mobile Boarding Passes

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Long gone are the days when Southwest Airlines used to offer those massive, colored pieces of plastic as boarding passes. We’ve evolved past that point into the high-tech realm of print-at-home boarding passes and e-ticketing, right?   Remember these guys? Well, regular tech-savvy travelers with smart phones can now take advantage of an airline initiative […]

American Airlines begins historic JFK-Tokyo route

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Starting tomorrow, American Airlines will launch their new route between John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Tokyo International Airport (also known as Haneda Airport). This marks the first carrier in the world to operate a flight between these two airports.  

Travel for Beginners: Customs & Immigration

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For first-time travelers, the process of going through customs and immigration in a new country can seem daunting, but it is actually a very simple process in most places. For the vast majority of travelers, you will have absolutely no issues going through customs and immigration in almost any country, even those that require you […]

Travel Tips: International Airport Taxes

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When traveling internationally, there is nothing more annoying than those pesky airport taxes. An easily-forgettable afterthought, airport taxes are fees charged to travelers, usually departing, for “use of the airport” or some other such nonsense. Although, in the olden days, most international airports had silly little kiosks where one had to queue up to pay […]

Travel Tips: Exchanging Money

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When traveling, money exchange is often the first thing that you do before you leave or after you arrive in a new country or airport. Currency exchange can be the bane of a traveler’s existence. High fees, poor exchange rates and difficult-to-find exchange bureaus make changing money a nightmare in some places. Here is a […]

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