Hotels Offer Perks for the Business Traveler

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  With the improving economy, hotels are making it their priority to convince businesses how important it still is to send their employees out of the office for face to face meetings with their clients. They are coming up with more creative ways to make meetings easier, more comfortable and even fun. Innovative ideas like, […]

In-Flight Etiquette for the Business Traveler

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When it comes to flying, even business travelers must pay close attention to what may or may not be rude. Short of hiring a private jet, every airline experience you receive will be highly dependent on the courtesy of other passengers around you. The only way to ensure that your flights go without a hitch […]

Traveling on Holidays: Tips for the Business Traveler

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With Easter fast approaching, some business travelers are moaning that they have to be on the go for this traditional holiday. However, most business travelers inevitably are asked to travel during holidays for one reason or another. It could be that meetings fall directly after a holiday, requiring business professionals to fly on the busier […]

Things for the Business Traveler to Do in Chicago

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Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois, and it’s the third most populated city in the country. It’s no wonder that many business owners flock to the city that’s nicknamed “Chicagoland” each and every week. The chances are good that you will be sent there sooner or later on your business travel […]

Managing the Top 3 Expenses of Business Travel

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The top three expenses of travel for almost every business are the costs of flights, hotels, and meals (food and beverages). business travelers inevitably incur these costs in various levels whether travel is international or throughout the United States. However, by cutting costs on these three most expensive parts of business travel, you can save […]

Experience the World Class service of Singapore Airlines

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These days news regarding air travel does not have much good things about it. Either it is lost luggage or excessive fees, or about surly flight attendants and sometimes plane loads of hapless travelers stuck at the airport for hours together sometimes even without food and water. Frequent flyers get misty eyed thinking about the […]

How To Deal With Pets During Business Travel

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Business travel presents many opportunities and many challenges. Something that must be considered before taking on the quest of traveling for your company is what you will do with your pets. Canine and feline companions often react badly to changes in their ordinary routine, but you do have many options for their care during your […]

New Qantas program for wine lovers

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Australian flagship airline Qantas has announced a new program for its wine and food loving frequent fliers: epiQure. Launched yesterday, the program is a members-only community of gastro-enthusiasts and business class travelers that will offer a number of benefits to members, including events, tastings and other perks.     The online community, which launches today, […]

5 Best Cheap Eats While Traveling

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A lot of people think of travel and worry about the cost. Hotels, airplane tickets, rental cars, restaurants. It all seems so overwhelming – and so overwhelmingly expensive. Yes, it certainly costs money to travel, and for some, that is the point – to enjoy a luxurious escape that you couldn’t get at home. But […]

Noodles of Asia

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Anyone that has ever travelled to Asia can attest to the fact that some of the most glorious things about the entire continent are the bowls of delicious, fresh noodles that simply abound there. Noodles are a way of life for most Asians, from the freshly spicy bowls of phở in Vietnam to the stir […]

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