Vacation in Style With These Luxury Vacation Rental Sites

When Airbnb got started in 2008, it was revolutionary. Couch-surfing and home-sharing had been around for ages, but it took Airbnb founders monetizing it for the craze to take off. The enticing mantra–wherever you want to go, don’t go there…live there–sparked a whole new aesthetic of travel centered around the authenticity of the experience.

However, the decline of hotel bookings and the rise of the casual vacation rental left a void for luxury clients who also craved the authentic live-like-a-local travel experience but didn’t necessarily want to slum it in someone’s guest bedroom for a week.

Enter the luxury vacation rental market.

Luxury Vacation Rental Coastal Villa

Rent a coastal villa for your next overseas trip

According to PR Newswire, luxury vacation rental bookings are on the rise, and families planning 2018 villa vacations are advised to book soon. On sites like Luxury Retreats and Behomm, you can select a vacation rental (or home exchange) that really suits your needs. Looking for a massive ski lodge in the Swiss Alps, that sleeps 12 and has a view of Verbier? It can be yours for $14,000 per night. Want a view of the ocean and all the little details already taken care of? Rent a villa on the Caribbean coast complete with a housekeeper, laundress, and cook. Love extended trips and want to feel like part of a community? Join an exclusive house sharing site and find a home wherever your travels take you.

There are plenty of other luxury vacation rental sites to check out and choose from. Read on and decide which suits you best.

Poolside at a luxury vacation rental property

Choose from a wide variety of homes-away-from-home

You’ve used Airbnb before and want a similar experience–only upgraded
Luxury Rentals from Home Away

Home Away is organized much like Airbnb, with more luxurious options, larger homes, and a higher price point. Ideal for large family reunions or even just a smaller group looking for more space and a richer experience, the properties on Luxury Rentals from Home Away are the way to go.

When you travel, you don’t stay in a house. You stay in a villa
Luxury Retreats

Homes on Luxury Retreats aren’t just houses. They’re chalets, villas, and chateaus. While they start at a moderate price point, a single weekend’s stay can range up into the thousands of dollars. The locations always have stunning views, whether that be a crystal-blue Pacific ocean, the powdery slopes of an obscure ski village, or the Eiffel Tower just a block or two away. If you’re looking for maximum luxury, go with luxuryretreats.com

Luxury vacation rental overlooking alpine village

Plan a snowy alpine stay for your next trip

You’re not just a world traveler–you’re an artist

Note: Behomm is for home sharing, not for rentals. The ultra-exclusive Behomm site is for creatives who want to share their homes with their fellow artists and design lovers. Every home has a distinct character, and you’ll definitely have a closer relationship with the homeowner than you would on a regular rental site. If you have an eye for aesthetics and the right contacts, Behomm is your best bet.

You’ve always stayed in hotels for the peace of mind
Time & Place

Rather than being rented out by homeowners, properties listed on Time & Place are owned by Time & Place. There is a wide variety of destinations and homes available, and Time & Place offers concierge service as well. If you love the security and amenities of a hotel and but don’t want to sacrifice the comforts of a home, check out Time & Place.

Your vacation shouldn’t leave you feeling a little out of place, and nor should you have to sacrifice for the sake of authenticity. Hopefully, we’ve piqued your interest in luxury vacation rentals, or helped you narrow down your search some. And remember, once you’ve got a destination chosen and a vacation rental booked, don’t forget to make a call to Let’s Fly Cheaper for business and first class flight reservations at a cost that won’t spoil your trip.



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