This company wants to turn you into a travel influencer


Everyone dreams of quitting their day job and traveling the world for a living, and now, for one lucky person, that could become a reality.


Visa (yup, the same Visa that you carry around in your wallet) has just announced the Visa Cashless Challenge, and is officially on the search for an up-and-coming social media influencer to travel to either Spain or Thailand, enjoying itineraries designed by social media travel gurus The Vagabrothers and Arden Cho, in order to illustrate the benefits of cashless travel.


I love Tulum so matcha 🍵

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Contestants must submit a short video by June 15th in order to be considered, and the winner chooses which itinerary they’d like to take. For the adventurous-at-heart, the Vagabrothers’ Spain itinerary includes paddleboarding and cave diving on the Basque Coast, as well as surfing in San Sebastian. On the other hand, Arden Cho’s laid-back itinerary involves a spa day in Phuket, meditation in Bangkok and the chance to tour the Phi Phi Island by boat.


Sound exciting?


Grab a camera and get ready to tell Visa all about your passion for travel and why you’re excited to try traveling cashless. Submissions are open now.