World’s Most Beautiful Government Buildings

From The Hague to the Imperial Palace in Beijing, mankind has a history of erecting some of its most stunning buildings as places that house governments. Whether it be a simple state house in the heart of America or an elaborate castle maze overlooking Prague, there is no end to the types and styles of beautiful buildings that house the governments of the world.



Hungarian National Parliament, Budapest



The Beehive at New Zealand Parliament Buildings, Wellington



Massachusetts State House, Boston


Parliament, London

Houses of Parliament, London


China's Forbidden City

China’s Forbidden City, Beijing


Bucharest, Romania

Palace of the Parliament (Casa Poporului), Bucharest, Romania


British Columbia

British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Canada



Old and New Parliament Houses, Singapore


Bulgarian Parliament

Bulgarian Parliament Building, Sofia


Brussels, Belgium

Seat of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium



Parliament House, Canberra, Australia


Canadian Parliament, Ottawa

Canadian Parliament, Ottawa


Parliament of Fiji

Parliament of Fiji


German Bundestag--1

German Bundestag, Berlin


United States Capitol--2

United States Capitol Building, Washington D.C.


Photo by Adam Burt

Finnish National Parliament, Helsinki


Photo by ricardomoraleida

Congresso Nacional, Brasília


Korea, Seoul--4

National Assembly of South Korea, Seoul


Building, New Delhi--5

Secretariat Building, New Delhi, India


The Hague, Netherlands--6

Parliament Building, The Hague, Netherlands


11 thoughts on “World’s Most Beautiful Government Buildings

  1. Mark

    great photos. can i ask where stormount is. it once of the nicest parliament buildings ive ever seen.

  2. Anonymous

    many of these buildings are wrong. the parliament of fiji, the us capitol, the canadian parliament are wrong. also please include a view of the hungarian parliament from across the river danube so it can be seen in its splendor