How Men and Women Travel Differently

Gender and Travel Habits

Your gender can influence your tastes, appearance, and personality, but can it also influence your travel habits?  Some studies suggest that men and women travel differently. The results give insight into correlations between gender and travel habits. Keep in mind that how we travel is usually based more on our interests, hobbies, and budgets. Surveys conducted show that men and women may have different preferences on where to travel, how to pack, and how much to spend while away. Considering how often men and women travel together, these difference might cause conflict. Do you think these studies are onto something? Read about the findings below and see if any resonate with you.


If you’re traveling with the opposite sex, where to go may be a site of conflict. Travel + Leisure suggests that women gravitate to destinations rich in culture, such as France and Italy. Men, on the other hand, are more interested in big metropolitan areas, like Hong Kong or Toronto.  In general, women prefer Europe and men prefer Asia. T+L gathers that women are more likely to want locations that make good girls-only getaways, whereas men want to travel based on food and alcohol. [1] Worried about arguing with the opposite sex about where to go? You can always go alone!

Solo Travel

Would you journey to another place of the world by yourself? If you’re a woman, the odds are you’re thinking, “Sure!” UK-based Express says, “72.4% of women are more likely to travel alone, compared to just 27.6% […] of men.” [2] Okay, so maybe you’re imagining all these bohemian, liberal arts graduates that are backpacking solo for some spiritual awakening. Surprisingly, a lone traveler is most likely to be a woman over the age of 50! Retirement has never seemed more promising.


It’s time to pack. For women, this may be several days before leaving, with a list filled with must-haves. There probably an item packed for every “what-if” scenario that runs through her mind. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to throw some clothes in a bag within 24 hours of leaving. This is often joked about, and it’s no surprise since statistics back it up.

According to a study conducted on the behave of Springhill Suites (Marriot Hotels), 54% of men pack within 24 hours, compared to 46% of women. That’s not a stark difference, but the amount packed is. [3] Daily Mail’s claims that an astonishing 91% of women say they don’t wear all the clothes they pack, usually using only about half of what is brought. Men, however, use at least 90% of the items they pack. When it comes to clothing, women bring about 36 items for a week-long getaway, compared to 18 items for men. [4] That’s twice as many things!

These findings are something to keep in mind next time you’re concerned about going over your luggage weight limit. Consider leaving that fourth swimsuit at home.

Spending Habits

It’s no surprise that money is what a lot of couples fight about. If not careful, spending habits can be a site for quarrel. So, who spends more? Depends on the purchase! Like with destinations, men focus more of their budget towards food and drink.  Women, however, spend more overall. Part of this is because women spend more than men on tours, activities, and local goods. [5]  All this spending comes with a consequence. Along with spending more, women are also more likely to feel guilty about the money spent during a vacation. To help budget and avoid guilt, preplan how much you’d like to spend on food, shopping, activities, etc. Don’t forget to add some wiggle room for unexpected costs. Then, you have a rough guideline to follow and you’ll accept early on that that money will be spent before you arrive home.

Get on the Same Page

If you’re going on a trip with anyone, you’re going to need to be on the same page. Whether you’re going with the opposite sex or not, go over expectations of your trip. Make a list of things that are absolutely necessary to pack. Write another list of things you’d like to bring, but might not need. Set aside some time to create a budget for things like shopping and eating.

The studies results were interesting, but are not totalizing. There are women who travel for food, pack light, and know how to keep a tight budget. There are also men who love culture, overpacking, and splurging. What do you think? Do you think these findings ring true? Did any of them surprise you? Let us know in the comments!