Airlines Implement Kid-Free Zones

Babies On-Board “I just love when I’m seated next to a crying baby on my 12-hour flight,” said no one ever. Even the most kid-loving travelers would probably prefer a flight sans tantrums and crying, but would they pay extra to separate themselves from it? Kid-Free Zones Within the past few years, a variety of airlines […]

napcabs Bring Privacy to Airports

How to Escape Airport Chaos Nothing dampens your trip more than a delayed flight. What happens if you’re delayed until the next day? Your boss is expecting an important report that you were planning to do from the comfort of your business class seat. Now you’re sitting in a tiny terminal seat, with kids running past […]

Best Airlines For Every Class

The Votes are In! The Business Traveller’s Awards have been announced! If you’re a frequent business traveller, you may be familiar with the 40-year-old magazine, which covers everything related to corporate travel. If you’re wondering who judges these awards, rest assured that they aren’t high-up employees of majors airlines or stuffy editors. They’re chosen by everyday […]

Adjusting Plans to Fly During Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Is on Its Way — Make Sure You’re Not. Between work, kids, bills, and dinner, it’s easy to miss breaking news. In case you’ve fallen victim to a busy everyday life, (like most of us) we’re here to update you on the hurricane that might dampen upcoming plans. Hurricane Matthew is a 145-mph […]

Xiamen Airlines Bridges Seattle and Shenzhen

  Xiamen Airlines Connects Seattle to Shenzhen If you’re reading this from the United States, you might not know Xiamen Airlines, but that may be soon to change. They are a major China-based airline that has set their sights on the United States. They are not the largest airline in China, but they’re hoping to […]

5 Billionaires Living Your Daydream

Imagine you have a BILLION dollars in your account right now…What would you do first? (After all the screaming and dancing, of course.) Would you buy mansion? What about a new Rolls Royce? Perhaps a first class flight around the world? People love to drift off into the realm of fantasy and picture themselves living […]

4 Unconventional Hotels and Their Unique Rooms

Odds and Ends of Normalcy Does the words “strange” and “usual” excite you or disturb you? More than ever, goods and services are becoming standardize, leaving little excitement in trying new places and things.  Even when you venture to a new destination, your hotel stay feels more-or-less the same. There is a pool, spa, bed, […]

Jet Lag: Restoring Your Sleep Cycle in a Flash

Souvenirs, pictures, and stories are all items that come back with you after a trip, but what about something less desirable that leaves the airport with you? Do not worry; we’re not talking about tropical spiders. We’re talking about jet lag. Although, when you have a busy return day ahead of you, it may sound […]

5 Places to Celebrate Oktoberfest in the U.S.

  If days filled with beers, bratwursts, and braided maids excite you, then you may be one plane ticket away from turning your Oktoberfest dreams into a reality. Wedding Bells Ring Oktoberfest is a perfect trip for anyone celebrating an anniversary, as Oktoberfest got its start from a royal wedding celebration that happened over 200 […]

Late Summer Festivals Around The World

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean all fun has to come to an end. Here’s a list of the world’s most exciting festivals of late summer and early autumn.

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