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Business Class to Frankfurt

If you are looking for beautiful adventurous county you will definitely want to discover Frankfurt.  Frankfurt is rich in both culture and history with many different dimensions.  The landscape of Germany is picturesque with sophisticated big cities, small towns, pagan inspired harvest festivals, forests, elegant castles, art, history, culture and German cuisine with their never ending pilsner and wine.

Nightlife and outdoors are abundant, as you locate some of the best clubs in Europe and ski the Alpine peaks or hike their beautifully preserved forests.  Learn the history of Frankfurt during their Oktoberfest or explore Frankfurt by rail, this diverse country will have you longing for a return visit for many years.

Frankfurt Travel Guide

Climate: The climate in Frankfurt is moderate with little sustained periods of neither cold nor heat.  Northwestern and coastal Frankfurt experiences warm westerly winds from the North Sea.  Summers are warm and winters are mild cloudy.  Summers are pleasantly sunny with temperatures often exceeding 86 F.  Winter in Berlin is cold and damp, with snow and frost when temperatures drop below freezing.  The wettest months are June and August with the driest being October and February.

Transportation: Transportation includes cars, taxis, buses, train, underground metro, air, and bicycles.  Transportation is readily available and getting around the various towns is quite easy.

Frankfurt is young and vibrant both at day and night life and all year around. During sun and warmth it is very festive and consists of more outdoor fun. Taking walks at the City Forest or the river Main, swim at Titus- Thermen or Rebstockband, or for more athletic fun attend the Sportpark Kelkheim where you can enjoy playing golf, indoor climbing, bouldering, and many other fun activities. The winter scene in Frankfurt can also offer plenty of joy and satisfaction. The city is bright and has a Christmas Market with many bright lighting, a beautiful atmosphere, and a large standing tree that catches the eye of many. Although it is winter, there are also other activities that this city offers: ice skating at Am Bornheimer Hang 4, standing on top of Feldberg Mountain with a nice cup of hot chocolate, as well as attending Gallusanlage 7,the largest English theatre in the continent, and the Red Light District for adults offering bars and plenty of nightlife excitement.

Business Travel Tips

Frankfurt offers many great attractions for the business travelers. The Money Museum would be a great choice to visit if you are interested how Frankfurt grew into the financial power it is today. Frankfurt is a main hub for Lufthansa Airlines and they have many cheap business class flights. Even if you fly business class to Frankfurt, the flight can be quit long and where better to rest then the Marriot located downtown in Frankfurt.

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