Major Airlines Now Offers Bunk Beds in Business Class


A major US-based airlines has released that they will now be offering bunk beds in business class. The airline industry has been bombarded with negative comments from bitter economy flyers.

The airline industry has been bombarded with disgruntled comments from bitter economy flyers. Seats are getting smaller and leg room is laughable matter. For years, business and first class has been the only alternative to flying coach. But when prices are almost quadruple the price, it’s not a choice for budget-friendly flyers.

After constant complaints, one major airline has listened and made some changes. A spokesperson informed us that,”We understand the concern of our economy flyers. With our state of the art aircraft bunk beds, we will be able to add more seats, while making business class more affordable.”

In order to combat dissatisfied business class flyers, the airline has an upgrade available. Flyers will be able to pre-select which bunk they would like…for a price. Bottom bunks will be reserved for elderly or physically impaired flyers at no additional cost. If you’d like a top bunk, you’re going to have to pay for it. For an additional $500, you can guarantee yourself a top bunk.

Similarly to AirNewZealands SkyCouch, flyers will be able to pay for 1.5 tickets to reserve the entire bunk bed (limited availability on select flights). This is the best way to guarantee yourself privacy.