The Best Apps for Business Travelers

Travel doesn’t always mean vacation. In fact for most people, travel means business. Just the  thought of business travel can be unsettling. You are away from your family, familiar surroundings and your regular routine. Add to this anxiety the fact that something can go wrong to make your whole trip a failure. There is one bright spot in all of this, and that is there are apps and services available that can make your business life much easier.


Our smartphones have transformed our daily lives. While there is a lot of attention given to the coolest consumer apps, mobile apps that help you do your job better are arguably even more important. With the business traveler in mind I have come up with some apps that can help your business trip be a success.



Since you travel for business, chances are you are enrolled in several loyalty programs for airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and so on. AwardWallet keeps all of that info in one place, so you never lose out on points.



This little app can help you avoid being late for that big meeting. That’s because Waze doesn’t just give you directions, it also alerts you to traffic problems in real time from other Waze users. It can also automatically reroute your trip to avoid traffic problems.


Car Locator

To make a business meeting, sometimes you need to park in an out of the way spot in a giant parking garage where it’s easy to forget where you parked. Car Locator is the answer. Press a button and it will guide you back to your parked car every time.



FlightTrack is one of the most visual flight tracking apps around. It gives you real-time departures, delays and gate numbers on zoomable maps for most flights worldwide. If your flight is cancelled, it finds an alternative flight.



Uber lets you order a private car and driver from your smartphone in 35 cities and 14 countries. This app is great for business entertaining when you need a ride that is a little more upscale than a cab. Uber emails you a receipt when you arrive at your destination and lets you pay with your smartphone.



Trying to navigate a transit system in a strange city can be a dauting experience when you are on a business trip. HopStop can help. It offers detailed subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions with official transit maps and a station-finder for hundreds of cities throughout North America and Europe.



OpenTable can book a reservation at over 27,000 restaurants and help you earn reward points for your next business dinner.



Sometimes you don’t need to rent a car for a whole business trip, you may only need one for an afternoon. Zipcar lets you rent a car for a few hours. The mobile app helps you locate Zipcars that are nearby, extend reservations and other options like lock the doors or honk the horn.