Make Business Travel Less Stressful

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I’m sure you can remember the time when the idea of traveling for work sounded like a paid vacation. A study by the University of Alabama shows that the stress of international business trips can reduce your job performance by up to 38%.   Researchers surveyed business travelers at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport, which […]

GBTA Show Offers Great News for Business Travelers

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One of the many things discussed at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) show that was just recently held in San Diego this month was the focus on the new business class seats. The focus is on business class travel mainly because, with the economy recovering, companies and individuals are expected to spend over $1 […]

How to Communicate With Your Kids During Business Travels

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Although there is inevitable guilt that comes up during your adventures in parenthood, try to ease up on worrying about potential complications of frequent business travel while parenting. You can, of course, be a fantastic parent even when you are frequently on the go. It all comes down to making time for your child and […]

Tips on Getting Open-Ended Air Fare During a Business Trip

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  An open-ended airline ticket is essentially a no-restricts flight ticket that you can purchase when you really need a ticket yet don’t know your departure date, your arrival date, or both. They can be purchased as round trip or one-way tickets. The reason that many business travelers purchase them is because requirements for many […]

Tips for Writing a Business Trip Report

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A business trip report can be one of the most easy and routine ways that a company keeps track of its business travel details, expenses, responsibilities, and rewards. It’s especially important in big companies with lots of employees to track, and it can be crucial in small business who need to make sure that the […]

Business travel increasing once again

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With business travel coming back to the fore, businessmen and executives are hopping back on that plane.   In the last decade or so global recession had hit most companies and easiest thing they could cut on was the corporate travel. Furthermore sophisticated technologies and cost cutting initiatives worked like the silver lining to the […]

Secrets Every Business Traveler Should Know

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You likely consider yourself something of a pro at business travel after you’ve had a few trips. The learning curve of trial and error can never be dismissed. However, there are some things that it takes years to truly achieve, learn, or master when you are relying on experience alone. Instead, take the short cut, […]

Thailand Travel Tips

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Thailand is a country of mystery and exoticism that has intrigued and delighted travelers for years. It is a country of simpering Buddhas, steamy bowls of noodles and scintillating aromas, and a place where everyone – no matter how strange – can find a corner to themselves. While civil unrest typically plagues the country every […]

Get Free Trips to Las Vegas from Premier Online Travel Agency

Tag :, , , , , , , , , is dedicated to providing its customers with the cheap last minute flight deals and cheap international flights. They have just launched a new & improved website. To celebrate the launch they are giving away free trips to Vegas. They have tied up with the best of the airlines in the world to serve all […]