What You Need to Know About the APEC Business Travel Card

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Yes, you need to know how to get a passport if you travel frequently for business. You never know where your career may take you, and you need to be prepared to go wherever that may be. Sometimes there are exceptions to having to get a visa for every international trip, though. The APEC Business […]

U.S. Passport Fees Quietly Drain Your Wallet

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Few Americans took note on July 13, when the U.S. Department of State raised all of the fees associated with getting and maintaining a U.S. passport. These fees include the cost of getting a new passport as well as a renewal, and a multitude of add-ons that can be associated with passports in certain circumstances. […]

Embassies: Useful or not?

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In a lot of movies, we see our hero making a mad dash for the embassy gates with local police (or thugs) in hot pursuit. As he reaches the threshold, inevitably just in time, the embassy guards step forward and warn the local police (or thugs) that this territory is beyond their jurisdiction. Phew! The […]

Travel for Newbies: Passports and Visas

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If you are planning your first international trip, the first thing you will need to take care of is obtaining your passport and, if necessary, a visa to travel to the country or countries that you’re headed to. While these might seem like two very daunting tasks, they are, in fact, quite simple to take […]

Touring In foreign countries

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It has been said by Saint Augustine that the globe is a book and people who do not travel only read a page. There’s a lot to see and learn from other countries and sub cultures that travel does improve one’s mind and soul. It is far from sufficient that one sees the sights and […]