Two Mega Online Travel Agencies Combine

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Last week two arch rivals in the travel industry came together to form an alliance. Although the deal isn’t quite a take over, it is a mutual merging of Expedia and the online travel agents.   The agreement reinforces the importance of becoming a marketplace rather than only a middleman. Travelocity is part of […]

What You Need to Know About the APEC Business Travel Card

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Yes, you need to know how to get a passport if you travel frequently for business. You never know where your career may take you, and you need to be prepared to go wherever that may be. Sometimes there are exceptions to having to get a visa for every international trip, though. The APEC Business […]

A Photo Trip to the San Juan Islands

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The San Juan Islands are a group of islands off the northwest coast of Washington state. One part United States, one part Canada, this archipelago is comprised of some 450 different islands, fifteen of which are available by ferry. Access to the rest is limited to those with private boats, and sailing in and around […]

World’s Top 5 Winter Destinations

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The leaves are beginning to change, and before we know it, Halloween will be past and Christmas will be around the corner. Does winter make you want to travel? It does me. Everyone touts summer as the time to get going, but winter has its delights. For one thing, everywhere is less crowded. For another, […]

Calgary: A Canadian Cowtown in Photos

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Founded by the mounted police in 1876, Calgary has always been a bit of an outpost town, situated in southeast Alberta north of Montana. Calgary’s early economy relied heavily on the discovery of oil and it still draws much of its tourism from the surrounding Rocky Mountains, which offer snow sports in the famous resorts […]