Why Business Class is the Wiser Choice

Times they are changing, and the world of luxury travel is no exception. Airlines have come to realize that the majority of passengers purchasing tickets in luxury class these days are business travelers. As a result, business class is changing for the better and making first class somewhat obsolete.

Here are some of the reasons why business class is better than first class on your next flight:

Comparable Amenities

In business class, you will receive basically the same amenities for a cheaper price. Airlines vary on services offered, but there is no question that business class provides a comparable level of luxury to first.


Most business class sections feature lie-flat seats, amenity kits, and plenty of complimentary food and drink. The biggest difference will be for international flights, where first class cabins offer more high-end food choices and more private spaces for passengers.

Additionally, lounge access is usually the same for business and first class passengers. Most airlines actually use the same lounge space for both. Why pay more, then?

You Can Expense it

Check your company’s policy, but most allow you to expense business class tickets. This is especially true for international travel, as most flight expenses depend on number of hours.

Good luck getting your company to agree to a prohibitively expensive first class ticket.

Improved Perks

As mentioned earlier, business travelers are bringing in more money for airlines than first class travelers. In fact, a statistic from 2013 estimated a 4.3% increase in business class sales from the previous year, totaling $273 billion.

Consequently, airlines are competing to sell business class tickets, and business travelers can reap the benefits. Namely, airlines are researching and implementing changes to the seats themselves. Innovative technology and comfort features are being added by most airlines. And those changes are not being made in first class.


Basically, if you are in business class, you will have the best possible flying experience on the plane.

Earn Similar Miles

Booking a premium seat will earn you nice mileage bonuses as a frequent traveler. Different rates apply to the different classes of seat. Generally speaking (all airlines vary), an economy ticket will earn you 100% of actual miles flown, a business class ticket earns 125%, and first class ticket earns 150%.

If you will earn only 25% more in mileage bonuses, why pay twice as much for a first class ticket?

First Class is Fading Away

As the popularity and demand for business class seats increases, the need for first class decreases. Also, practically speaking, when airlines install the upgraded seats required for business class there is less cabin space for first class seats.

Three airlines – Delta, Air New Zealand, and Air Canada – have already eliminated first class altogether. American and United plan to drastically downsize in the near future.

So, the question of whether to choose business or first class might soon be a moot point for the frequent premium traveler.