How to Justify the Cost of First and Business Class Flights

Comfort and convenience are the name of the game in luxury travel. Unfortunately, those benefits often come at a high price. Is there a way to justify spending more money on the same flight? Can you convince your company that it’s a necessary business expense? We’ll help you justify the cost of first and business class flights.

We have put together some actual financial benefits to choosing business or first class over economy. Making the case to your boss is your job!



Many airlines offer free chauffeured rides to and from the airport for first and business class ticket holders. This saves on gas, mileage, parking, or paying a private driver.

Check-in and Luggage

There are usually three separate benefits pertaining to check-in for first and business class passengers. Priority check-in and free baggage handling can save considerable time on the front-end of your trip. Also, more concretely, luxury passengers generally have a greater checked bag allowance. This could make a real difference for international travel or travel to a convention or tradeshow (presumably requiring excess luggage).

Food and Drink

Your first or business class ticket grants you access to a vast array of complimentary food and drink. Before boarding, you can enjoy take full advantage of the airport lounge. On board, you will be treated to food and drinks throughout and flight; and even served meals before economy passengers.

While this may seem like a throwaway treat, remember that the cost of food and drinks in an airport are generally marked up greatly. Additionally, many airlines now charge a fee for any food beyond pretzels or nuts. Make sure to remind your company that they will be covering that per diem cost.

Frequent Flier Advantages

Some airlines have different “points vs. miles” rewards systems for their frequent traveler programs. On any given flight you will earn more points than you will miles by booking a first or business class ticket. More points equals more savings and a faster turn-around on future ticket redemption.


Chances are, the person sitting next to you in first or business class will much more likely be a person worth talking to for the benefit of your career advancement. Most travelers in the front of the plane are business travelers, and therefore have the potential of being future clients, colleagues, or mentors. This is a benefit with no tangible, quantifiable dollar amount. The potential is infinite, though.



The bottom line here is that when you travel more comfortably you will arrive at your destination more well-rested and less stressed. This will ultimately lead to you being more productive. Productivity equals profit!