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Etiquette Tips: Dining in Japan

  If you’re on a business trip in Japan, one of the things which you have to expect is a dinner or two. Now, remember eating out in Japan is somewhat different.  There’s a unique set of rules, norms, and local customs you need to follow. Not knowing any of these things may dampen your […]

Business Travel 101

The jetsetters and go-getters of the world may often, ostensibly, be the luckiest people on the planet. You see them in a new city twice a week, checking in and out of beautiful hotels, eating FREE food at amazing restaurants, and racking up frequent flyer miles and reward points like no tomorrow; however, as a […]

Surviving a Business Trip to a Tropical Destination

If you have to travel to a destination with a tropical climate for your next business trip, you may face some challenges on how to stay comfortable and healthy. You may not only be adjusting to the jet-lag, but also to extreme heat, exotic foods, and different hygienic practices. How to be comfortable in a […]

How to Be Prepared for Work When Vacationing at an Exotic Destination

  There are times when a vacation is truly a vacation. No phones, no internet, no worries. Then, there are times when you are expected to actually get some work done while you’re on vacation. Not exactly ideal, but better than being in the office or traveling solely for the job. Prepare your tech for […]

Conference Travel Made Easy

  Conferences can create some of the most amazing opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. A gathering of the most important and innovative people in any field, on such a large scale, is a breeding ground for great ideas and important relationships to grow and develop. The abundance of networking opportunities and information being shared […]

6 Reasons to Add the Word Bleisure to your Vocabulary

  For a long time there has been a stigma about frequent business travelers. Our friends and family contend that we all have this lavish, jet-setting lifestyle, while you and every other business traveler know that this is simply not the case a majority of the time. Business travel often consists of long grueling days […]

Airbnb Creates a Role in the World of Business Travel

Business Travelers Prefer Airbnbs Over Hotels Airbnb continues to rise in the ranks in the hotel industry. This is further proven by reports from Certify, the expense software company, saying that the business travel segment of Airbnb is growing. Further research into where Airbnb users and business travelers were staying reveals that Airbnb had accommodated […]

8 Airports Featuring Michelin-Star Menus

  During a flight delay, everyone is looking for more comfortable and relaxing spots at the airport. Nowadays, airports are coming up with different amenities like beauty salons, spas, internal lodges, fitness centers, and even museums. Restaurants have, of course, always been around the airport scene. Today, there is a new trend emerging in the […]

Eating Healthy on the Road

How do you stick to a healthy diet while traveling for business? We have a few ideas to set you up for success when it comes to your diet. The Challenge of Eating on Business Trips Business trips can be challenging. You face long hours in cars, on planes, or on trains. Not to mention […]

Stay Sharp and Learn How to Enjoy Your Business Trips

When you venture out on your next business trips, try to make the most of your time in a new city. It is important, of course, for you to be sharp and focused. There is no rule, though, that says you can’t enjoy yourself while traveling for business. Tips to make the most of your […]