A Guide to Traveling to Europe in 2023

Some of the top travel destinations in the world will land you in Europe – from the stunning island beaches of Mykonos, Greece, to the iconic Matterhorn peak in Switzerland and everything in between, this content has 44 incredible countries that make a great addition to any bucket list. As travel begins to resume, many […]

The Best Apps for Business Travelers

Travel doesn’t always mean vacation. In fact for most people, travel means business. Just the  thought of business travel can be unsettling. You are away from your family, familiar surroundings and your regular routine. Add to this anxiety the fact that something can go wrong to make your whole trip a failure. There is one […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Chase’s 5/24 Rule

If you have a habit of racking up points and miles by collecting credit cards, you may have noticed something strange when you tried to apply for a Chase card. Despite a solid credit score and a track-record of on-time payments, your application for a Chase Freedom Card or Chase Sapphire Preferred card was…..denied.   […]

Industry-disrupting airlines are disappearing…what does it say for the future of travel?

The handful of years between 2010 and 2017 saw the rise of industry-disrupting airlines that took the travel world by storm and threatened to change up the whole game. The past couple of years have seen those upstart airlines rapidly collapsing in on themselves. In 2018 and 2019, Primera, Jet Airways, and WOW Air all […]

How to Sleep Well On Long Haul Flights

It can be tough to sleep on a plane. But the next time you find yourself on a long haul–unless you’ve managed to book a business class flight–finding a way to get some sleep is a challenge you’re eventually going to have to contend with. In order to facilitate that process, we’re here with a […]

Top Three Airlines With the Most Legroom (And Top Three Airlines With the Least)

It’s no surprise that budget airlines skimp on legroom, but when it comes to the question of which airlines aren’t in the business of crushing your knees into a seat-back, the answer might surprise you (and no, it’s not the legacy carriers).   Without further ado, here are…   The top three airlines with the […]

Baby On Board: How Airlines Handle Infants in Business Class

    Every single traveler knows the unique dread of stowing your carry-on in the overhead bin, getting comfortable in your seat, and then looking up to the heart-wrenching sight of a weary set of parents drifting Hesperus-like up the aisle, a newborn baby in arms. The dice have been cast, and your sanity is […]

Jewel Changi: A virtual tour of Singapore’s new high-tech terminal

Changi Airport in Singapore is a marvel. The sixth-largest airport for international travelers, Changi has been named SkyTrax’s World’s Best Airport for six years running.   In recent years, however, Changi officials have been expressing worry about losing their glowing status to competitors such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. […]

5 Essential Items for Long-Term Travel

  When it comes to long-term travel, your packing list might look a bit different than it does for a short vacation trip. In fact, long-term travel can really force you to prioritize what you can really afford to bring with you.   With that in mind, here are five essential items for long-term travel […]

The Airlines That Serve the Best Champagne

  For champagne aficionados, it has never been a better time to take to the skies–at least on international first and business class flights, where airlines are fiercely competing to provide customers with the finest libations. So which airlines serve the best bubbly? That might be left up to personal preference, but the following airlines […]