5 of the Most Luxurious Cruises

A New Way to Travel

So you’re looking to travel in luxury? Trains are limiting and you’re jaded from flying business class. If you’re not looking to travel by land or air, your next option is sea. In that case, let’s “see” if we can find the perfect cruise ship for you. Travel in luxury, dine in decadence, and cruise in comfort on one of the most luxurious cruises on the market.

Seabourne Encore

Deck and pool of Seabourn cruise ship.

Image courtesy of Seabourn.

If the only shoes you plan to bring are flip-flops, this cruise line isn’t for you. Seabourne is for those who want fine dining and elegance to be their cruise experience priority. Steam your semi-formal wear and enjoy, what could very well be, one of the best meals of your life. Seabourne boasts that they have Thomas Keller as their main chef, who has experience at three Michelin-starred restaurants, such as French Laundry. [1] During your afternoons,  you can stay in your swimsuit and dine poolside.



staff wading in water.

Image courtesy of Seabourn.

Seabourne offers a rather unique experience: Caviar in the Surf. Their signature event is a beach barbecue lunch, complete with music and complimentary water sports. [2] Want some chilled champagne and caviar? Wade into the ocean where a uniformed staff member will be waiting to refresh you. They will even serve you on a surfboard bar!

Seabourne Cruise Lines knows how to be both formal and fun.

Crystal Cruises’ Serenity Ship

Penthouse on Crystal Cruise ship.

Image courtesy of Crystal Cruises.

Leave with more than you came with! Cruises are perfect times to relax and take it easy, but on the Serenity, that’s just one of the options. You can also take advantage of all the classes they hold.

Image courtesy of Crystal Cruises.

There are all kinds of classes based on things like art, technology, thrill-seeking, world-affairs, and even magic! [3]  There are also wellness classes and exercise programs that help you stay in shape while away from home. All of this can be done while onboard an elegant cruise ship


Seven Seas Explorer

Seven Seas Cruise Ship Atrium or lobby

Image courtesy of Regents Seven Seas Cruises

You name it, they have it. Seven seas has covered all the basics and beyond. Not only are there restaurants and bars, but also a theater, library, casino, and spa. Even this is only the tip of the iceberg (no Titanic reference intended).

Kitchen on Seven Seas Explorer Cruise Ship

Image courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

They also hold cooking classes. We’re not talking about a single lecture on how to make the perfect chicken. You’ll learn hands-on in a fully-functioning kitchen. There are 18 unique classes so you can master any type of cooking imaginable. Whether you want to know how to make brunch favorites or work with high heat, there’s a class for that. There is even a high tea class inspired by Downtown Abbey.

On the Seven Seas Explorer, you’ll eat well and cook better!


Silver Seas Silver Cloud

Image courtesy of Silversea Cruises.


                Boarding the Silver Cloud will be like stepping onto cloud nine. This ship has a business center and a library (both physical and audio material) that is open 24 hours. There is also a card room where regular tournaments are held. Newcomers are welcomed to come by to learn a game or two. That same room doubles as a conference room, when necessary. They also have a Silver Seas Silver Cloud Expedition version which can handle icy waters. This is a perfect option for those interested in going from Buenos Aires to the Antartica.


Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition room

Image courtesy of Silversea Cruises.

Silver Cloud ships come with other features standard to luxury cruises and hotels: pool, hot tub, salon, bar, fitness center, and restaurants. Dine on deck or at the only Relais & Châteaux restaurant out at sea, La Champagne. [4]  Afterward, you can gamble at the casino, or check out their Connoisseur’s Corner for some fine cognac and cigars.  Less than 300 guests are able to stay on this luxury ship at a time. Make sure you’re one of them!

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 im Geiranger Fjord, Mittelnorwegen, Norwegen

Image courtesy of Cunard Line.

Queen Mary 1 might be retired, but its successor is full steam ahead! If you’re someone who can’t stand to leave their dog or cat behind, then the Queen Mary 2 is the ship for you. According to their website, they’re “the only liner to regularly carry animals.” [4] The kennels are attended and can be regularly accessed by owners.

planetarium on the Queen Mary 2

Image courtesy of Cunard Line.

If that’s not unique enough, it’s also the only ship to have a planetarium at sea. When not displaying the stars, this venue hosts other entertaining acts.

There are five main dining areas to choose from on the Queen Mary 2, as well as a variety of lounges and bars. Their chef makes artistically presented plates that will please your eyes, as well as your stomach.

Woman on cruise ship looking out at the ocean

Travel as Far as the Eye Can “Sea”

So what will it be? Cooking classes with Seven Seas? Stargazing indoor and outdoor with The Queen? How about seeing Antartica with Silversea? Whatever your preference, you’ll be sure to be doing it in style.  In case you’re searching for the lap of luxury, it might just be in the middle of the ocean.