Aerovsit Airlines Business Class

The official sponsor of Ukrainian Olympic team, Aerosvit is a Ukrainian-based airline with its headquarter in Kiev. A literal meaning of Aerosvit is “sky world.” The airline provides its services to 11 local destinations and 20 European destinations. While it is the company’s policy to serve all the customers in the best manner, the first class passengers always have added advantages to look up to. The most well trained in-flight crew makes all out efforts to provide utmost comfort to the airline’s business and first class passengers.


For Business Class passengers, there is a separate business hall that serves as the waiting lounge for passengers onboard. The passengers are greeted with a pleasant and hospitable crew that welcomes them to enjoy the unique and classy ambience of the Ukrainian air flight. The first class passengers enjoy a high level of personalized service. They can savor tasty meals, enjoy their favorite audio or video programs, or shop in an in-flight “duty free” shop. The crew strives to offer unparalleled services to the business class passengers and to assist them in any manner possible.

Until April 20, 2009, the online registration facility was only available to the passengers flying from Kharkiv International Airport and Sheremetyevo International Airport. The process entailed the travelers to visit the official website of the airline, reserve their seats, generate a boarding pass and use it at either of the two airports. Currently, the facility has been extended to the passengers flying from other destinations as well.