Aeroflot Airlines Business Class

About Aeroflot

Aeroflot is a Russian airline that first started its operations in 1923. It also happens to be one of the world’s oldest airlines. Based on the number of passengers carried every year, Aeroflot is Russia’s largest airline, with its headquarter in Moscow. Aeroflot offers domestic flights to passengers traveling within Russia. It also has international passenger services to more than 97 destinations across 48 countries of the world, primarily from Moscow Airport.

Aeroflot Business Class

Generally considered to be a safe and reliable airline service, Aeroflot carries a large fleet under its helm consisting of most of the modern aircraft available today. Enjoy the experience of flying with Aeroflot the next time you travel to New York City, Washington DC, St. Petersburg, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, New Delhi, Bangkok, Tashkent or Cairo.

Aeroflot Airlines Business Class

Regardless of whether you’re traveling Business Class or first class, passengers choose Aeroflot over the others for its unparalleled comfort and luxury. Aeroflot designs its seats ergonomically to ensure you get the maximum space to enjoy a smooth, hassle-free flying experience. A wide range of exquisite culinary delights are offered to passengers on board, making them feel at home throughout the flight. Aeroflot also offers exquisite entertainment options to keep the travelers engaged especially over longer duration flights.

While the economy class passengers get a number of music, films and other entertainment options to choose from, the premier class travelers get to list their own choices of tracks and movies, that you can enjoy with a personal DigEplayer. If you’re flying frequently, you can also participate in Aeroflot’s frequently flyer program and win free air miles, irrespective of your destination.

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