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Are you planning a trip, business or otherwise, to Tokyo? Looking for the best deals on business class flights? Let’s Fly Cheaper offers cheap competitive prices with expert service. Read on before you book your tickets for cheap business class flights to Tokyo. We have compiled some helpful information to prepare you for a visit to this unique and complex city.

An Introduction to Tokyo

Tokyo is Japan’s vibrant capital that mixes the neo-modern with quaint and ancient traditional standards. You can expect to see hugely impressive skyscrapers illuminated in neon lights, anime shops, bath houses and cherry trees and temples scattered throughout the city. The Imperial Palace sits amid sprawling public gardens and the magnificent Meiji Shinto Shrine is renowned for its towering gate and surrounding forests. Tokyo is famous for an individual style of cuisine and nightlife like nowhere else in the world, and its Shibuya and Harajuku districts are the heart of its trendy teen fashion scene.

Tokyo is an experience like no other highlighted by a distinctive culture that itself has become an international phenomenon through modern media. If you choose to book tickets to Tokyo expect finding a world set both in the future and the past.

While in Tokyo

Tokyo’s advance technological industry is hugely impressive and can be seen reflected in its dazzling architecture and the very culture of progress and gadgetry. However, you can still see traces of the shogun’s capital on the kabuki stage, at a sumo tournament or under the cherry blossoms. It’s a high-tech city built on the remnants of ancient custom, and under and between the many skyscrapers you can still find the dream-like wooden shanty bars and quiet alleys, the wild and traditional street parties and festivals, as well as lantern-lit yakitori (grilled chicken) stands. In the older areas you can still shop for hand-made items designed centuries ago, or wander down cobblestone lanes.

What to see and do in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of Japan’s 47 prefectures, comparable to a nation state or county, though is notable as being the only ‘metropolitan prefecture’ in the world. The Greater Tokyo Area is also the most populous metropolitan area on the planet. Tokyo contains the seat of the Emperor of Japan and houses the Japanese government. It is located in the Kantō region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu. It was once known as Edo and has been the central location of the Japanese government since 1603 when Shogun Tokugawa leyasu made the city his headquarters.

Some of the top visitor attractions in Tokyo are as follows:

  1. Shibuya Crossing
  2. Karaoke at Smash Hits
  3. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  4. Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Wrestling)
  5. Tokyo Tower
  6. Cat Café, Nekorobi, Ikebukuro
  7. Yoyogi Park
  8. Meiji Shrine, Shibuya
  9. Tsukiji Fish Market
  10. Tokyo Disney Land

If this is your first trip to Tokyo it is well worth visiting Japan’s National Tourism Organization website. There you will find the Welcome Card for Tokyo that includes a guidebook with useful information, which can be acquired at major Tourist Information Centers. It also allows for discounted prices on transport, museums, shopping and sightseeing attractions.

Tokyo’s major mode of transport is their subway system; it is easily the cheapest option if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing. From the airport tourists can purchase a subway pass for either 24, 48, or 72 hours allowing unlimited travel on the subway during that time.  

Tokyo Tours

It is difficult to compare any city in the world to Tokyo because of the high amount of unique attractions found there. Luckily there are a number of different sightseeing excursions making it easy for visitors to explore the city based on preference. These include biking tours, street food tours, photography tours, even fish market tours with sushi workshops and many more.


Food and Drink in Tokyo

There is a huge amount of distinct Japanese dishes, including a great number regional specialties. Generally speaking, there is a huge love of seafood with some of the best Sushi in the world found in Tokyo, in fact the range of sushi itself is practically immeasurable. It wasn’t until the 19th Century that meat was even consumed on a national scale but they have become very skilled at preparing it since.


Shopping in Tokyo

Shopping in Tokyo is an almost other-worldly experience with much to offer from quirky and original retail fashion, traditional crafts, boutique vintage shops, insane gadgetry you will have had heard, and all kinds of Japanese souvenirs. If you’re looking for the vibrant and youthful highlight of Tokyo then be sure (and prepared) for areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku.


There’s a number of interesting shopping streets with stalls and markets across Tokyo. Some worth noting are the neighborhoods of Akihabara and Nakamise Market. Akihabara is a street full of gadgets, manga and other strange paraphernalia known loosely as ‘geek street’. Although brimming with shops too there are many stalls peddling wacky and interesting items.


Nightlife in Tokyo

There’s so much nightlife in Tokyo it would be hard to cover all of the many, many places. Areas such as Ginza and Shibuya offer wall-to-wall possibilities of nightclubs, dive bars, cocktail lounges, and of course Karaoke. Golden Gai in Shinjuku is well-known as Tokyo’s ‘drinking corner’.


Business etiquette in Tokyo

Japanese business culture is not so different as many believe. Most importantly, you should remember to practice politeness, sensitivity, and good manners in all business dealings. Business cards are important symbols and should be treated respectfully and consciously. Accept them with two hands and keep them in designated business card holders. Make sure to dress conservatively. Arrive early to business meetings. Wait to be seated before the meeting begins. Plan a detailed agenda for the meeting. Take notes during the business meeting. Finally, be sure to smile and express a willingness to cooperate and learn.


When to book your tickets for cheap business class flights to Tokyo

Japan has a rainy season at the beginning of June and the months of July and August can be extremely humid with the occasional typhoons hitting the coast of Okinawa, Kyushu and Shikoku around September. That said Tokyo has many festivals in the summer with stunning firework displays. It’s said that months like October and November are particularly beautiful with warm weather and incredible colors on the trees as the season changes.

Narita Airport is the main international airport serving Tokyo. Narita is located 60 kilometers east of central Tokyo.The airport is easily accessible to the city of Tokyo via train, bus, or taxi.

There are many major airlines that fly regularly to Tokyo Narita Airport including British Airways, Virgin, Emirates and Japan Airlines, so prices can vary. Flights from London Heathrow take 11h 30m, flights from Los Angeles 11h 30m, flights from New York 14h and from Sydney is around 10h flight time.


Some general tips before your business flights to Tokyo

-Charge all of your devices before the flight. It might be a good idea to invest in a portable charger before the long international flight
-Prepare for working offline. Make sure you download any business documents you need to work on during the flight in case the wi-fi connection is unreliable
-Take care of small business matter before boarding the flight. Answer emails, update your calendar, and set future business meetings before getting on the plane
-Create an onboard flight schedule. Plan out how you will spend your time on the flight and decide how much time you will devote to particular tasks
-Take regular breaks. Traveling on long international flights to Tokyo can be exhausting so be sure to allow yourself time to rest, relax, and sleep


How to book the best tickets for business class flights to Tokyo

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