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Uniquely landscaped and sitting on each side of the Dnieper River, is Kiev, the capital city of the Ukraine. Body of waters with wooded banks enrich the beauty of Kiev as their many beautiful golden domed churches, bell towers and high rise apartment buildings peak out over the terrain. Kiev has preserved their roots from the past while entering into the future with a mix of architecture from ancient to new, making the destination a wonderful exploration for travelers. Historical architecture complexes such as the Kiev Pechersk Lavra and the St. Sophia Cathedral, orthodox churches such as St. Michael’s and St. Andre’s which have been completely reconstructed and are sheer stunning beauty, Independence Square where one can find many local vendors selling books, art, game sets, jewelry, and more, Mother Motherland which is a statute made from titanium and stand at the gate entrance of the Museum of the great Patriotic War are just a few of the monumental sites to see.

Aside for its rich culture and art, Kiev is abundant in outdoor activates. Tourists can enjoy activates such as parachute jumping, carting, paintballing, mountain biking, diving, and horseback riding. Its many rivers and parks are wonderful for the tourist to get a taste of Kiev’s wilderness.

Kiev Travel Guide

The cuisine in Kiev has been influenced by many cultures and you will find a pleasant mix of International cuisines in their many hundreds of restaurants in the city. Whether looking to experience elegant dining or fast food the city is well equipped with wonderful restaurants.

Climate: Kiev experiences a continental humid climate with its warmest month being June, July, and August with temperatures from 57 to 77 Fahrenheit. Its coldest months are December, January and February, with temperature of 24 to 30 Fahrenheit. Snow fall is normally experienced in November to the end of March.

Transportation: Kiev’s public transportation includes the metro (underground), trolleybuses, buses, and trams. Taxis, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, sight-seeing buses, and shuttles are all abundant and easily accessed.

Business travelers
 visiting Kiev will find that the city is very easy to get around with plenty of public transportation, from metro to funiculars. However, if you wish to get business class treatment and transported from one destination to another Car Rental Kiev offers great limousine service for its customers. As your stay in Kiev continues to be an exciting and memorable stay be sure to catch a good night rest at the five star Hyatt Regency located in the heart of Kiev. Your stay in Kiev will be memorable with their cultural and traditional aspects of living.

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Kiev is a hub for many travelers to stay while before flying deeper into Eastern Europe or towards Russia’s vast country. Many flyer prefer purchasing business class flights to Kiev, due to the length of travel. Some of the eastern European airlines now offer better service of flights, however frequent flyers still prefer to go with better known airlines like: Lufthansa or KLM.


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