Business Class to Dublin

One of the greatest cities in Europe, Dublin is a location of purely fun. While not as ornate as the other cities you would normally see in Europe, this is a place full of personality where its locals love their city to bits.

Museums and scenic parks are numerous in Dublin and there is a lot of fun stuff to do that allows any traveler to socialize with fellow travelers as well as a true-blue Dubliner. Historic sites abound in this city and with it being a pretty religious country, filled with religious sites too. Get to see the Dublin Castle which was the British seat of power in the 18th century where you can explore a part of the old city under the castle itself as well. At St. Mary’s Abbey, behold what remains of Ireland’s wealthiest and most powerful monastery. A site for both the religious as well as the political, it is mostly forgotten by the Dubliners but in medieval times, this was the spot for Irish church politics and then became a meeting place for rebels against the crown.

One of the first residences built on the 1 North Merrion Sq, Dublin is the house of Oscar Wilde. He was but a mere boy when they moved to this place but where we can imagine that his mind was honed by his mother for the literary arts. Whilst speaking of specific addresses and streets in Dublin, Henrietta Street was one of the hippest streets in Dublin in the 1720s. It became much too crowded and of poor condition in the more recent past but the mansions that line these streets still gives travelers a glimpse into how Gregorian architecture was.

Dublin Travel Guide North of the Hollow, you can find the Dublin Zoo which is a 12-hectare zoo that was established in 1830 making it the oldest zoo in the world. What would complete a visit to Dublin but a visit to the Guinness storehouse and St. James’ Gate Brewery? Singing and dancing fills the air in this specific location and at the end of the tour, you can sit down and relax in the rooftop bar called Gravity with a pint of Ireland’s most famous draft.

Climate: Due to the North Atlantic Drift, Dublin has more of a milder climate. Dublin is at its warmest which ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in the months of July to August. In January to the end of February, the temperature dips to as low as 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. The weather in Ireland doesn’t get to the extremes though. You still have to bring a sweater around with you and snow is very rare. An umbrella is a trusty thing to have with you too as one never knows when a day in the cities of Ireland will be a wet one.

Transportation: The Dublin Aiport is the main gateway to and from Dublin. Armed with a travel pass which you can get from Dublin Bus or from other ticket agencies around the city, you can go around Dublin via bus, train, light rail, bicycle or taxi.

Not only Ireland’s capital, but also the largest city in it, Dublin’s population consists of 1.2 million people and is about one fourth of the country’s population. It has the largest amount of green space than any other European city. Dublin is well known for its ancient landmarks and monuments, one of which is the Dublin Castle, which was a major defensive work of King John of England in 1204.

One of the many modern monuments is the Spire of Dublin, which is located on O’Connell Street. Ireland has a vast majority of greenery and a large portion of it is indeed parks. As a business traveler, it is nice to relax and enjoy a nice quite moment to yourself. Phoenix Park consists of a 2-4 km range and is home to many popular attractions, some of which include, residence of President of Ireland, Dublin Zoo, residence of the United States Ambassador, and Ashtown Castle.

The transportation in Ireland revolves around Dublin and consists only of train, plain, and cycling. It is very easy to get around town; therefore as a tourist, you will not miss a thing. Many well-known actors have emerged from Dublin, including, Colin Farrell, Stephen Rea, and Noel Purcell. Dublin has an estimate of 50% citizens under the age of 25, which makes the city vibrant and popular for its nightlife.

There are plenty of bars and music playing in the streets generally. Plenty of department stores, boutiques, outlets, and markets and can be found around town. Popular districts include, Grafton Street, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, and the IIac Shopping Centre.

Dublin Business Travel Tips

Those traveling business class to Dublin, there are many airline that have great deals. With over 40 airlines coming in Dublin, this city is a business capitol of Europe.


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