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Business Class to Amsterdam

Known as the land of tulips, Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe. The countryside is filled with beautiful tulip fields stretching out for miles and miles making this just one of the many features that make Amsterdam a wonderful tourist destination.

People come to the Netherlands by the millions each year for its many beautiful sights and sounds. And, during the months of April and May they come to see the tulips bloom at their finest, as tulips and daffodils burst into the most vibrant and wonderful display of colors.

The world renowned Dutch cuisine is a favorite among many tourists. And, you will find great and exotic restaurants littering the streets of the city making it a place of purely delectable adventure. In the southernmost part of the city you will find flower markets where you can find the most expensive breed of flowers.

Culture and history are great among the city and you will find the city intellectually stimulating with its many museums displaying many historic and critically acclaimed works of art from notable artists. A stroll through its streets rich in heritage completes a wonderful vacation.


Climate: During the months of March and October, Amersterdam experiences rain continuously without falter. These are Amsterdam’s slowest months for the tourism industry due to the rains. The cli mate is mild to damp with heat extremes during the summer. Spring and autumn are changeable and its winter months are clear with frosty mornings and days. The coldest months are December to March with rainfall anticipated year round.

Transportation: The Nederland Spoorwegen is Amsterdam’s national train operator and maintains the major commuter train station in the city. It offers very cheap fare rates to cities such as Utrecht, The Hague. Amsterdam also has an international high-speed train called the Thalys that connects to Brussels, Antwerp and Paris. Another train service in the city is the Deutsche Bahn that provides transportation from the Schiphol airport to Berlin that travels through Amsterdam Zuid, Bad Bentheim and Hannover. There also many bus services and routes in and round Amsterdam, as well as cars, taxis, motor bikes and bicycles.

Business Class Travel

For those traveling to Amsterdam, Schipol Airport offers great accommodations. Also those Traveling business class to Amsterdam will be interested in staying The Grand Amsterdam Sofitel Demeure, located in the oldest part of the city, though filled with rich colors and personality.

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