How to get travel points

There are a lot of great perks to traveling on business, racking up points on a frequent flyers card can be one of them. Although there may be stipulations to many corporations and businesses when it comes to using your own cards, there are some great ways to get around them and start earning yourself some big discounts for traveling on your downtime!


The best way to earn miles or points on a frequent flyer card is to always book with the same travel agency (although this is usually the case with business travel anyways) this way the travel agent knows your name and knows which points card to use on the account. You can also make sure that although you may not be paying for the flight you always use your name to book your seat. Most people who travel for business can great quite a few points in a short amount of time, since business travel never seems to end!


If you are looking for the right points card for you, there are a few options. The Delta Sky miles program is very popular with business travelers and can offer some great perks for those who travel often because of the great affiliation programs with huge brands such as American Express. If you are a business traveler who is looking for some great discounts and free seats on your personal time, this is a great program to invest in.



You can also use American Airlines AAdvantage program, which will give you not only airline perks but perks at affiliated hotels as well. This is the most popular program with business travelers because the list of affiliations is so long and miles seem to add up very quickly.




The Continental Airlines One pass is also a great option for those who travel for business. This is one airline who always tries to place business travelers in business class seating and assure you they will never place you in a middle seat (hey its the small things) this program also has affiliations with large European travel systems as well.


If you are a serious business traveler you will be able to rack up points on any system, allowing you to travel on your downtime for free or at very discounted rates! If you use a personal travel credit card to book business travel you will want to look into one that offers points for frequent flyers, as this is also a great way to get some points.


Regardless of why you are traveling you are going to want the benefits of every other traveler, knowing what point systems to use can help you achieve that! Frequent business travel is the very best way to insure you will be able to travel on your down time at a very great rate!