How to Get Rid of Everything You Own

For some people, travel is about more than just 2 weeks of holidays once a year. For some, travel is a lifestyle – the pull of wanderlust that they simply cannot ignore. There are many types of people who live this lifestyle. Some are location independent, while others just pack up and move to another place to accept a new job or try their hand at a new skill or volunteering.




If you decide to travel long-term, or simply move abroad, there are a lot of considerations. One of the biggest is how to transport your entire life of stuff. The secret is to basically get rid of everything. Here’s how.


In just a few “easy” steps, you too can transport your life to a totally different country or place.


1) Consolidate everything. This first and most important step involves going through all of your things. I am talking clothes, dishes, pots, pans, shoes, family photos, socks – all your possessions. You have to make some hefty decisions here, because most of this stuff is going to have to go. You need to get your belongings to a small enough amount that they will all fit into one large suitcase, carry on bags and one or two boxes that you might ship overseas (unless you plan to be location independent, in which case all your stuff should pretty much fit into one large rucksack.).


2) Organize a sale. Put up fliers in your neighborhood. Advertise online at media outlets like Craigslist, where you can post an ad for your sale. The best course of action is to plan about a week in advance. Start posting ads at least 7 days before the sale and renew the ad everyday so that potential new customers will always see it at the top of the list.


On the day of the sale, be generous with prices. Allow people to make an offer or bargain you down to something more affordable. After all, this sale is not about making a profit, it is about getting rid of all your crap.


If you have a lot of time, you can list any unsold items on Craigslist or Facebook to see if you get any takers.


3) Donate. Once you’ve sold everything you can at your yard/Craigslist sale, pack the rest up and take it over to Goodwill or Salvation Army, where it will go toward a good, charitable cause. Make sure you go through your closet at least twice, if not three times, to make sure you have gleaned all you can for disposal. It’s an emotionally wrecking feeling to give away clothes that you love, but do your best to divorce yourself from these things – you’ll be able to pick new ones up along the way of your trip.



4) Store. Perhaps you are only planning to relocate or travel for a year or a few years. In this case, you can consider springing for a storage unit that will allow you to keep some of your more beloved items. Be aware that these types of facilities can get expensive, depending on the size of the locker, and also sort of defeat the spirit of selling all your possession to travel the world. But so be it.