Review: Lufthansa Business Class

The flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe, Lufthansa, offers business class on all of its flights, including long haul, medium haul and short haul. Lufthansa services airports across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa in 78 countries. Lufthansa is headquartered in Cologne, but uses Frankfurt Airport as its main international hub.


Lufthansa Business Class – Short & Medium Haul

On its short and medium haul flights, Lufthansa’s planes are outfitted with Recaro seats in business class. These slim-line are designed to create more leg and elbow room while maintaining greater comfort for the passenger.  The seats have a 31-32″ seat pitch. A meal is included for business class passengers on all short and medium hall Lufthansa flights within Europe, and these meals are specially put together by a team of chefs. There is also a selection of wine, beer and spirits for purchase.




Business class passengers traveling on Lufthansa’s short and medium haul flights can also utilize the Business Class check-in counters, which help expedite the process of checking in luggage and getting boarding passes. There are also Lufthansa Business Class lounges available, even for short haul flights within Europe; however, on short haul flights, there is no in-flight entertainment available.


Lufthansa Business Class – Long Haul

Lufthansa is renowned for its long haul flights and is widely considered to be one of the finest airlines for long haul travel, especially in business and first class. Business class seats on all Lufthansa long haul flights recline into a 78-inch bed that is equipped with laptop plugs and an entertainment deck with TV screens that allow you to choose from a range of entertainment options. The entertainment decks are separated from the seat in front of you on a self-mounted deck, and the leg room is quite expansive.


Business class meals on long haul flights include a menu with options, including a choice of three appetizers. The meals are created by top-notch chefs local to the departure area, and are served with Rosenthal utensils for added class. They also give you the option of choosing express menus and “Breakfast-to-go”, in the event that you should want to sleep longer on the flight and eat your meal after disembarking.


PARIS - JUN 18 2015: First Class seat in a Qatar Airways Airbus A350. Qatar Airways is the first user of the A350 with it's first flight on 15 January 2015.

PARIS – JUN 18 2015: First Class seat in a Qatar Airways Airbus A350. Qatar Airways is the first user of the A350 with it’s first flight on 15 January 2015.


Lufthansa has also implemented a special wine program, Vinothek Discoveries, for its Business Class passengers. The program is headed up by a world champion sommelier and includes a new selection of wines every two months. The wines are chosen for inclusion on board Lufthansa flights based on a variety of factors, including ratings by respected wine publications, market trends and, of course, blind tastings by the airline’s resident sommelier.


Long haul passengers can also utilize the Business Class check-in counters at every airport, as well as Business Class lounges. Those flying through Frankfurt will be welcomed at a special “Welcome Lounge” upon arrival. In other airports, Lufthansa’s Business Class lounges are often contract lounges, but they aim to provide the same amount of comfort as would be in their home lounges at German airports.



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  2. John Mullins

    I fly to Chennai India for business, and my travel agent (Annie) normally books me a Round trip ticket with Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific or Emirates. She really knows her stuff and really know her airlines and which airlines have the best service in first and business! she normally saves me around 2,500-3,500. She booked a trip for me in August on emirates Business class the whole way, the airline had this ticket for $8,500 and I payed $4,100 and she was able to upgrade one segment (SFO-Dubai 15 hour flight) on the return in first class! It was an amazing price for emirates and of course their service is phenomenal!

    I had to travel to to Chennai again in the beginning of November and decided to get a flight more economical instead of Emirates this time. My travel agent got me a Lufthansa Flight, I was happy because 1. The travel time was 24hours and emirates was 32hours total travel time. 2. Lufthansa had this flight for $6,600 and I paid $2,900! I honestly wasn't expecting much after flying with Emirates and Cathay Pacific as much as I do, also I never heard much of their business class, and my travel agent also warned me not to expect Emirate's service (my travel agent is always very honest, so I feel lucky always knowing what I'm buying) so basically I knew what kind of flight to expect! but I must admit their service was great and the seats were fantastic! I flew on their BOEING 777-200– The service was courteous and efficient, meals were very good and the lie-flat seats gave me a decent sleep. Check-in staff were helpful and the flights were on time. Red Carpet /Star Alliance lounges in Munich and Frankfurt- Great. The only gripe would be the Red carpet Lounge in LAX which did not have food service like the other lounges, only drinks and snacks. All in all I would fly Lufthansa again when I'm saving $1,500, for as much as I travel it just adds up!

    I always recommend my travel agent to my friends and 4 of my co-workers us her as well! I have been working with my her for the past 5 years- she really has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable and HONEST, she only books her clients with Premiere airlines (Star Alliance, Sky Team, One World, etc.), she provides her business/first class client with her mobile number and shes always there to help (i got stuck in London last year and called her at 2am her time, and she got my on the next British airways flight in First class), Also when I'm over seas I usually just email her and she is very prompt in getting back to me, I never have to contact the airlines for anything- she really does take care of everything for me, Before I found her I booked directly with the airlines and any date change or cancellation I paid fees anywhere from $300-$1,500 not only does she date change me for free (most of the time) but last time I had to cancel she did not charge me a cancellation fee and just gave me a credit for a free roundtrip business class ticket to Europe anytime (the cancelled flight was a round-trip business class ticket) All in all her service is TOP NOTCH, you will always know exactly what your booking, you'll save anywhere between 35%-up to 70% off your flight, and every time I book she also gives me a voucher $350-$500 off my next flight- that is good for ANY AIRLINE, IT DOESn't EXPIRE, & SHE ALLOWED ME TO GIFT IT TO A FRIEND. If your looking for a great travel agent this is it- if you contact her please tell her John @ Mullins refereed you! (she gives $200 vouchers for referrals!:D) ANNIE-WSFLIGHTS@HOTMAIL.COM.