Review: Asiana Business Class

Recently, we’ve brought you business class reviews of the top two airlines in the world for 2011. Qatar Airways was voted the best airline in the world by Skytrax, while Singapore Airlines was rated number two in the world on the same list. With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you some more reviews of the airlines that made the top ten list this year, starting with number three in line, Asiana Airlines. This Seoul-based airline has won numerous awards and accolades and has been included on Skytrax’s list of top ten world airlines for several years running.




Asiana Business Class

Asiana’s business class is available on most of their routes, especially the long haul routes operating between Korea and North America and Europe. The seat configuration features a two-seat row, and each seat is upholstered with heavy padding and some 58″ – 62″ between rows, so plenty of leg room.


The seats also fold out into a 166 degree flat bed and feature partitions designed to provided a maximum amount of privacy while sleeping. There are also a number of convenience compartments, such as a seat-side magazine fold and large tray tables that can be folded up and down horizontally, rather than vertically. The seats feature a customized control system to ensure the individual comfort of each passenger. Seats on most flights now also feature 110v power supplies for the use of laptops on board.




As far as meal service, Asiana’s business class meals include both Korean and international choices. The meals are cleanly presented on white dishware with real silverware, glass and proper napkins service, as well. The food itself is given extra special touches that make the presentation look and seem like a 4-star restaurant, rather than a meal in the air.


Asiana also offers a wide selection of wines and spirits on board, including several premium champagnes. The airline’s wine lists are chosen by a board of top sommeliers and include vintages from North America, France and Germany.


Pretty young flight attendant or hostess in a smart uniform isolated on white


There are also a range of continuous snacks throughout the flight, as well as RA certified coffees, such as espresso, cappuccino and the like.


The in flight entertainment system is provided on 15 inch flat screen monitors placed in the backs of each seat. Entertainment options include 30 different movies, as well as TV episodes, games and music selections that can be chosen through an individual control system located along the monitor. There is also a personal satellite phone in each seat that can be utilized for an extra charge, as well as SMS and mobile internet services for a whopping fee of $1.50 per use.


Finally, Asiana does provide a small amenities kit, which includes a number of items you would expect to find on any long haul business class flight. These include the typical eye mask, ear plugs, toothpaste and brush and hand lotion, as well as a very nice pair of slippers, facial wash and a few other small cosmetic products.


Asiana also provides business and first class lounges, both in Seoul as well as at airports around the world. The signature Asiana lounge in Seoul Incheon Airport is open to all business class passengers, as well as Star Alliance Gold members and Asiana Club diamond and platinum members. Facilities include PDP TV, reading materials, free local calls, Internet desks, wireless LAN, a sleeping room, a message machine, a shoe shining machine and a shower room, as well as light refreshments, including coffee, juices and snacks. There is also a comfy piano bar where you can order drinks of your choice.




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  1. Marcie Carew

    Have read some reviews about seat space etc, but they seemed to be from Business Class. I’m travelling Economy and want to know about the in flight entertainment, leg room and the stop over in Seoul. Is it worth staying over in Seoul for a day or two? Any thoughts on this would be great. I travelled Emirates in their early days and thought they were fine….is Asiana a similar quality?
    Many thanks