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With so many airlines vying to take us on our next holiday or business trip it can be really tough to know where, or with who, to spend our precious travel dollars. And because we believe business class really is the only way to fly, we also know it’s n   [...]
29 Jun 2015
If you are a regular flyer, finding cheap business class flights may prove to be a great idea. Business class is much more exquisite than coach, and they have added advantages. Though it’s expensive to fly in business class, there are numerous strategie   [...]
Today traveling with Fido has become more and more seamless thanks to pet-friendly programs at luxury hotels, on airlines and even public transportation which are offering more relaxed requirements for traveling with your pet. Fido Express Amtrak ma   [...]
03 Oct 2014
La Compagnie, the French boutique airline, is offering discount transatlantic flights between New York’s Newark Airport and Paris’ Charles De Gaulle for business travelers. This means seating for 74 passengers, free Wi-Fi and seats that recline 180-de   [...]
26 Sep 2014
Warsaw, Poland, where the average 5-star hotel room went for only $130 a night, is the city that the Hotel Price Index has found to be the city offering the most inexpensive luxury hotel rooms in the world. The annual index looks at how much pe   [...]
22 Sep 2014
No doubt traveling is therapeutic. Seeing places and meeting new people are what push people to pack their bags and hop on a flight. Whether you're on a business or leisure trip, or you just feel like flying, traveling in business class is a luxury we all   [...]
29 Jun 2015
After a less than impressive first half of the year, commercial flights showed improvements over last year’s summer arrivals and departures times. At the height of this summer’s travel season, airline flights were more likely to arrive on time and   [...]
04 Oct 2014
Recently, American Airlines has become the first and only U.S. carrier to offer travelers first-class seating on domestic flights. Until recently, passengers have only had the choice between economy and business-class flights when flying between U.S. c   [...]
03 Oct 2014
It wasn’t easy tracking down all of this cool and weird stuff, but at the end of the day, it was worth it. I learned a lot. As the title suggest, some are useful and others are simply just fun facts, most people don’t know or could care less about   [...]
24 Sep 2014
The world’s leading airlines are considering whether there is a need for first-class cabins any longer, when flat-bed seats cradle their corporate customers in, once unthought of comfort, making it harder to justify the premium for first-class. Ever   [...]
13 Sep 2014

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